Tad Speaks – All Batman, All the Time

Flashback Friday is being preempted for a hilarious story.

Last night was our first annual church Christmas lighting.  Basically, a whole group of us gathered together to watch the Christmas lights switch on for the first time on the church building and sing a couple of carols.

The lights themselves aren’t that fascinating – just plain clear lights outlining the building’s roof line – but there’s a projector attached to what used to be the Barn (and is now called the “East Building”) that can project pictures right onto the front of the church building.

When Tad saw the projector, he got excited and said, “Oooh, the Bat-Signal!”  And then he saw the picture that was being projected.  It was a pattern of question marks, with the words “Why Christmas?” underneath them, with the date and time of our Christmas Eve service listed.  It’s all right there on the front of the building, which is pretty cool.

When he saw all the question marks, Tad sucked in his breath.  “The Riddler!”  he exclaimed.  Then he read the words “Why Christmas?”

“A riddle in the form of a joke!”  he cried.  Which is a line he lifted directly from the 1966 Batman film.

The Webmaster and I were too busy giggling and shaking our heads to try and explain this to anyone else who had been listening.

My word, this boy!  Well, at least I know what he will be saying every time we drive past the church in the dark.

One Response to “Tad Speaks – All Batman, All the Time”

  1. Oddball
    December 2nd, 2011 08:31

    You need to get a Batman ring tone or two, the old school song though. Play that for Tad when he gets “called” by Commissioner Gordon for assistance, I think he would love it.