Tad Speaks – Peanuts edition

Something about It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown really seized Tad’s imagination this year.  He adored watching it.  This is great for me, since I absolutely LOVE Peanuts.

It was hard, however, for him to stop watching Great Pumpkin and move onto A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.  We eventually got him to move on, but it took a few tries.

He’s already really into A Charlie Brown Christmas, thanks to the app we just bought for the iPad.  It’s seriously one of the most clever and fun apps I’ve ever seen, and uses dialogue directly from the show (with the exception of a few kids’ voices).

We decorated the tree on Saturday evening (pictures tomorrow), and Tad got really excited about my extensive collection of Peanuts ornaments.  “Look, Mama, there’s Snoopy!  And Little Bernie!” he said, holding up one of them.

I blinked.  “What?  Tad, that’s Snoopy and Woodstock.”

“No, it’s Snoopy and Little Bernie!” he insisted.

I still wasn’t getting this name change for the bird.  “But, Tad, his name is Woodstock.  Where are you getting ‘Little Bernie’?”

Tad looked at me and started to sing, “Little Bernie, why you fly upside down…”

And then I started laughing.

Woodstock is not in Great Pumpkin or Christmas, but he is in the Thanksgiving show.  And his name is never used in the show – but he is introduced into the story with the song “Little Birdie.”

Which Tad, being Tad, thought was his name, but turned it into “Little Bernie.”

I think it’s hysterical.

Last night, as I tucked Tad into bed, I found the plush Snoopy that he’s decided to appropriate for his own (it’s okay – we have several), and suddenly remembered that we had a little plush Woodstock in one of the toy baskets in the living room.  I dashed out and found it, then presented him to Tad, along with Snoopy.  He was thrilled with my find.

I never know what Tad will say next… which makes living with him so very entertaining.

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