Okay, Rerun, you (sort of) win…

The Webmaster did not want me to put the glass icicles on the tree this year, because he was convinced Rerun wouldn’t be able to leave them alone.  While Rerun has surprised me (so far) with his restraint regarding the tree, the icicles were being treated like lollipops.

So yesterday morning, before Rerun got up, I moved all the icicles up the tree and out of his reach.  What didn’t fit went back in the box.

So far, so good!


Ane and I are reading Heidi together.  She loves it.  Because she always wants me to keep reading, I offered her two chapters if she showered before the boys took their baths and got into bed early.

At first she declined.  She doesn’t like going to bed before her little brothers.  But then the desire to read won out.  So she showered, brushed her teeth, and got into bed a half hour early – plenty of time to read two chapters.

Living in this house requires knowing the art of making the deal.


When Tad gets home from school, the first thing he usually wants to do is play/read on the iPad.  He is loving the “A Charlie Brown Christmas” book app that we bought for him, and he’s in the process of memorizing the dialogue.  So, I struck a deal with him – he can play with the iPad IF he goes into his room to play.  Ane needs less distractions when she is working on her homework.

Tad was not keen on this idea, but he finally agreed to it and left Ane alone long enough to finish her math homework sheet and get most of her reading done.

We’re going to have to work on this compromise a little bit more, I think.

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