Christmas Eve – Party #2

We had a long day on Christmas Eve.  Our church had services at 3 and 5 pm, and Ane and Tad were both in the kids’ choir that was singing in it.  Tad and two of the other boys in the special needs class that I’ve been teaching were going to be singing the first two (it ended up being three) Christmas carols and then coming off the stage with me.  Tad sung okay during the 3 pm service, and then much better at the 5 pm one.  The two other boys… disappeared between services.  Along with a lot of other kids in the choir.  Oh, well.  I snapped a picture of the kids before we headed off to church that afternoon.

We then had pizza at Grandma and Gichan’s house once we were all done, and then came home to get ready for Santa’s visit!  But we allowed them to open one present.  The Webmaster grew up in a Christmas Eve family, where everyone opened their presents on Christmas Eve.  I grew up in a Christmas Day family.  So, since we weren’t with the Webmaster’s family, I let them open their presents from the Webmaster’s cousin Lolo, who sent us a package early.  The kids were dying to open them, mostly because they were among the few presents I’d actually put out under the tree.

Rerun had a little difficulty remembering what to do, but then he caught on.  Each of the kids got a new thermos from cousin Lolo and her family!  Ane got a Clone Wars one, appropriate for a “warrior princess,” as her Dad has taken to calling her.  Rerun got a Cars 2 thermos, which he loved.

And Tad…

Obviously, someone remembered what he likes.

Rerun loved his thermos so much that we couldn’t pry it out of his hands for the traditional “Christmas Eve in pajamas in front of the tree” picture.

The Webmaster took Rerun off to his crib, while Ane and Tad prepared their offerings for Santa.

Ane decided that each of them should pick one cookie to leave for Santa.  She picked the Peppermint Bark cookie, Tad picked the Gingerbread Bear, and Ane decided that Rerun would have chosen the Butter Spritz, since that was his favorite.

And then, with a last check on NORAD’s Santa Tracker to make sure they would be asleep by the time he got to the Seattle area (he was flying around Colorado when they headed for bed), it was time for sugarplums to dance in their heads!

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  1. linda
    January 3rd, 2012 07:44

    Precious Memories for their Tomorrows!
    Thank you for the Love you all share with us!