Party #3 – Christmas Morning

This was an unusual Christmas morning for us.  Most years, we get up, unwrap everything, and then hustle the kids out the door to get to Grandma and Gichan’s house for more Christmas.  This year, we didn’t go over there until the evening.  We had decided to put off stockings (although Santa came!) until the Captain, Q-Bee and the B-Squad arrived.  So, Grandma invited us over for a Christmas dinner (lasagna, which was Auntie’s request), but we spent the whole morning and afternoon at home, which allowed Rerun to get a proper nap.  And after the crazy Christmas Eve napping schedule he’d had, this was a good thing.

Tad was first up on Christmas morning, woke Ane, and then they both came into our room to ask if it was okay to get up.  Rerun was still out cold, so we had to wake him.  The tree and stockings were a sight to behold.

The kids were dying to dive into their stockings, but I foolishly insisted on a picture first.

And that’s the best one of the bunch.

So, we got into the stockings.

Santa delivered right off the bat.

Rerun was still figuring out the whole unwrapping deal.

Once the stockings were all opened, I insisted that we break for food.  Mom and Dad needed coffee.  And the kids needed some sustenance to get through the morning.  I whipped up some scrambled eggs and broke out the yummy doughnuts that I’d bought from our local favorite shop, Frost Doughnuts, as a Christmas morning treat.

Then we tore into what had been left under the tree.  Santa had brought each kid a LEGO set, which they were thrilled over.

Even Rerun got something Santa knew he would love.

Mom and Dad came through with some fun new T-shirts and other clothes.

The kids also gave each other gifts.  I helped them out (wink wink).  Ane got a set of doll clothes from her brothers.  Tad got something else he’d been wanting – a shark ship, from Ane and Rerun.

(Granted, it wasn’t the exact one he’d asked for, but he was so happy about it, that it didn’t seem to matter.)

Rerun got something from his big sister and big brother that they knew he would love.

Yes, that is a plush T-Rex.  He knew what it was instantly.

And then… the BIG ONE got opened.

Yes, it was…

An XBox 360 and Kinect!  For those of you not familiar with what this is, the XBox 360 is a game console, and the Kinect is an add-on to the 360 that picks up your body movements to play games.  It’s been recommended for autistic kids, and our kids have had some experience with both the Wii and the 360, and we decided that the 360 and Kinect would be the better choice.

Once all the presents were opened, we had the whole morning and afternoon to enjoy playing.  While the Webmaster set up the XBox and Kinect, Tad desperately wanted me to set up his new game from Ressis and Oddball.  So, Sharky’s Diner got set up.  Do you think they know what he likes?

Once the XBox was in place, it became the hot item.

But Tad was not about to let me off the hook that easily, and I got suckered into an hour-and-a-half build of an X-Wing fighter.

Apparently, I did a good job, because he was happy with it!

We had a nice, leisurely morning, and then Rerun took a nap.  The older two continued to play, until it was time to go to Grandma and Gichan’s for dinner!

But would they get to open any presents, or would they have to wait until their cousins got here…?

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  1. Aunt Lynda
    January 4th, 2012 08:05

    I am enjoying all the Christmas stories! Can’t wait; it’s like a serial novel! Thank you so much for sharing your family.