Party #4 – Christmas Evening

Once we got to Grandma and Gichan’s house, the kids were raring to open more presents.  But first came dinner.  And then came yet another obligatory picture – this time with Auntie.

The executive decision had been made to let the kids open their gifts under the tree from Grandma, Gichan, Auntie and Obachan (who was also there).  The stockings would wait until the Cousinpalooza Christmas.  The kids had no complaints about this arrangement, so long as they got to open something.

Obachan gave the boys matching Batman shirts, something which pleased Rerun quite a bit.

Obachan had also knitted a whole new hat/scarf/fingerless glove set for Ane in purple, which she was super excited about, especially because the hat has ear flaps and will keep her ears warm.

Auntie won the award of best gift for Rerun, when she gave him a set of plastic race cars from Cars 2.

Grandma and Gichan answered Tad’s last Christmas wish.

And there were more Harry Potter Legos for Ane (from Grandma and Gichan).

I had drawn Auntie’s name for a stocking stuffer this year, so I let her open my gift to her that evening.

When Ane saw that Auntie had also gotten a Powerpuff Girls T-shirt, she was really excited that they had matching shirts.

Rerun rejoiced in his haul.

(While standing on Grandma’s coffee table.  This was neither condoned nor encouraged, despite its cuteness.)

And on his way home, he contemplated the bounty that was his Christmas Day.

And then the next morning… Nana and Papa arrived.  This was turning into the Christmas version of Hanukkah.  How many times were these kids going to get to open presents??

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  1. Ressis
    January 5th, 2012 04:58

    Hey! Get your kid off that coffee table! I want to inherit that!