Party #5 – Boxing Day with Nana and Papa

By the time this day arrived, the kids were treating it as a matter of fact.  It’s Christmastime – people arrive and bring us presents.

We were quickly reaching Hanukkah proportions, and it wasn’t even over yet!

Nana and Papa arrived on the 26th, and their purpose was twofold.

One: give grandchildren Christmas presents.

Two: celebrate early birthday with their only granddaughter with lunch at Red Robin…

… which also included a birthday sundae!  However, Red Robin is really nice and also brought the boys a small scoop of ice cream each, too.

Right after lunch, Tad and I slipped out to get him to speech therapy – my attempt to keep him on a normal schedule in the midst of all the holiday chaos.  Everyone else went back to our place and Rerun went down for a nap.  When we got back, Ane was allowed to open her birthday present from Nana and Papa.

It was an American Girl doll storage tower – someplace her doll can stand, plus shelves for shoes, drawers for accessories, a mirror on one side, and an earring holder.

Ane was super excited, if you can’t tell by her grin.

The next day was her actual birthday, so our day was completely eaten up by that.  The day after, the 28th, the kids were invited to a birthday party at Pump It Up, so I took Ane and Tad while Rerun stayed home with the Webmaster (who worked from home that day) and had a regular nap.  But while we were busy partying and celebrating birthdays, there was a plane full of cousins headed our way…

2 Responses to “Party #5 – Boxing Day with Nana and Papa”

  1. Oddball
    January 6th, 2012 07:21

    Starting to get envious of Tad’s Star Wars Lego collection, does he have any Ultimate Collector Series?

  2. Aunt Lynda
    January 6th, 2012 08:41

    Even I’m getting tired of opening presents! It’s a good thing they are good boys and girl!
    And a great chronicle, Deanna. Looking forward to seeing the cousins tomorrow.