The B Squad

(This also involves party #6 and a birthday tea.  You have been warned.)

My nieces arrived on the late evening of the 28th, and brought their parents with them.

This is my oldest niece of this branch of the family, Belle.  She is 5 and a half years old.

Since she is the oldest, she became Ane’s instant friend.  They had a wonderful time playing together.  I also got a lot of love from this niece of mine.

Since I don’t get to hear “Aunt Deanna” that often, every time I did hear it was a treat.  Belle is old enough to tell me jokes and tell me about school, but still young enough to want to snuggle.  My heart just melted when this picture was snapped, because she had just sat down with me after coming to me and saying, “I just want to sit next to you.  Can I?”


This is Berry, the next oldest.  She is 3 and a half.

Berry is the family princess.  She takes her imagining seriously, and loves dressing up and being a girl.  She also loves giving hugs.

I could listen to her talk for hours, because she has the cutest little-girl voice and a southern twang to go with it.  Plus she says funny things.  She could not pronounce Rerun’s name properly for the life of her (she enunciated all the vowels with a drawl), but it was so sweet.  I couldn’t reproduce it if I tried.

This is Beth, the next oldest.  She is 2 and a half.

Beth is also a girly girl, loves pink and flowers, and wants to be a “big” girl.  She’s very intense and very focused, but has wonderful speech skills for her age.  She was a little shy around me when she arrived, because she didn’t remember me at all (the last time I saw her, she was 6 months old), but she warmed up quickly to everyone.

And this is Bette, the baby of the family.  She is just 5 and a half months younger than Rerun, so she is 16 months old.

She is quite the cuddler – LOVES to be held – but was fascinated by the antics of everyone around her.  She became a willing partner in crime to Rerun…

… but was most happy within the orbit of her own Mommy.

That is my sister-in-law, Q-Bee, super mom to these four little princesses.  She is a quilting enthusiast and made me one as a Christmas gift.

My brother liked it so much, he claimed he almost decided to keep it and get me something else for Christmas.

Speaking of my brother…

(We’ll have to photoshop Ressis into this one.)

He’s gone by the name “the Captain” for years on this blog, but we can’t call him that any longer… he was officially promoted to Major on January 1st!  So, here he is, the Major!

Auntie and I were having some fun with his new rank… “Major” works so well for name-calling.  Hey, we’re his sisters.  We can get away with it.

Within the first few days of their arrival, there was a Christmas luncheon, then our belated Christmas celebration at Grandma and Gichan’s, with the Major, Q-Bee, and the B Squad all there…

(Other people have better shots of this – Berry cracks me up, though.)

… and then we had a belated birthday tea with the cousins at a local tea shop.

We had a lot of fun with these parties.

We had a little less than a week with the B Squad, and something was crammed into nearly every single day.

And the New Year was upon us!

2 Responses to “The B Squad”

  1. Ressis
    January 9th, 2012 08:11

    If you’re going to photoshop me in, then I get final approval of the image!

  2. Aunt Lynda
    January 9th, 2012 08:39

    What a treat to see all of these girl cousins. My congratulations to the Major!