Now We Have To Go

All too soon, it was time to say good-bye to the Major, Q-Bee, and the B Squad.

But not before the oldest four went out for some ice cream…

The girls all had mint chocolate chip.

Tad, my chocoholic, had… chocolate.

And when we got back to the house, Q-Bee and the Major threw themselves into packing, and we had to say our good byes to everyone.

I cried as I hugged everyone good-bye.  Ane cried harder.  She really misses having cousins around, and it was hard for her to say good-bye to the girls.

But we had a great time with them, even if it was a whirlwind of a visit.

The next day, Ane and Tad headed off to school, Auntie began winter quarter at college, and the Major and Q-Bee and the B Squad flew back to Washington D.C.

The holidays were really and truly over, and life had gone back to normal.

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