Weekend of Snow

So, it came down and stayed down.

We ran an errand out shopping on Saturday, and when we returned, our house was pretty well blanketed with snow.  Rerun had gone down for his nap, but Ane and Tad dashed into their snow clothes and threw themselves into playing while the Webmaster and I built a fire.

By the time we got home from church on Sunday, it had snowed another few inches and was sticking around.  Rerun hadn’t had a chance to play in the snow yet, so I put off his nap a little and bundled him up to go outside.

He kind of reminds me of Randy from A Christmas Story… but he could move his arms.  The snow was pretty soft and deep, so he had some trouble walking.

Fortunately, when he tumbled, the snow was soft and he was fine.  He’s wearing rubber boots, snow pants and a warm coat, mittens on a string that Santa brought him in his stocking, and a fleece hat under his hood.

Big sister Ane was there to play with him…

… and give him a helping hand.

I tried to get Tad to stand with them for a picture, but he was not having it.

So Ane introduced Rerun to the concept of snowballs…

… and then took Tad out for a spin on the sled.

She really is a good big sister.

Rerun was fascinated with all this white stuff, and the fact that his mittens allowed him to touch it without getting all cold and wet.

He was picking up little chunks of snow and gleefully flinging them off his mittens.

And sometimes, the mitten would fly off his hand.  Fortunately, these mittens are on a string, so I was able to slip them back on pretty quickly.

I finally brought him up to the porch, but he refused to go inside and take a nap and yelled at me.  Ane begged to take him for a spin on the sled…

… but he didn’t like the idea and promptly crawled off.  She was disappointed, but I reminded her that he’s too little to hang on to the handles.

I finally dragged him inside, stripped all the snow gear off him and put him down for a nap.  He fell asleep promptly, and the older two continued to play until they were soaked and cold.  We built another fire, and had a quiet Sunday evening together (we decided to stay put instead of going to Friend and Doc’s), and then had a conversation over Skype with Auntie.  Yesterday was her birthday, and the kids sang to her and talked with her.

The snow is supposed to hang around until Tuesday.  The kids have today off, but we’ll see how our plans turn out for the rest of the week.

2 Responses to “Weekend of Snow”

  1. Aunt Lynda
    January 16th, 2012 07:55

    Kids and snow; what a combination!!

  2. Louise
    January 16th, 2012 21:35

    And can you believe there is even more on the way?