Make Your Own Zoo!

With all the snow, we’re stuck inside the house.  Leave it to Tad to get creative and imagine a trip to the zoo when we can’t get there.

First, use your brother’s chunky dinosaur puzzle to stage a prehistoric era scene.

Tad had the herbivores with leafy green bushes or trees, or drinking water, the pteradon was sitting on a white Duplo block that he informed me was an egg in a nest, while the T-rex is standing next to the large red structure.  Tad told me that was a “meat tree.”

You can tell that he’s been listening to his brother’s favorite book, night after night after night.

He was quite proud of his diorama.

Then he found the Duplo zoo animals and their keeper, and made a zoo right next to it.

When it was all finished, it looked like this:

He was pretty much recreating what we had seen all summer at Woodland Park Zoo, with the traveling dinosaur exhibit that they had there until last Labor Day.  (I keep wondering if that exhibit triggered Rerun’s love of dinosaurs…?)

Leave it to Tad to recreate his own zoo.  Frankly, I’m surprised he didn’t incorporate an aquarium with a shark tank in there, but we probably don’t have enough blue Duplos to make a body of water big enough for his tastes.  Besides, he likes playing with all his sharks in the bathtub, where there is REAL water.

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