Recovery Mode

Poor Tad has had the worst 36 hours.  I can’t say of his life, because I think breaking bones was infinitely worse, even though he doesn’t remember that.

He was up every single hour Wednesday night into Thursday morning vomiting.  He finally stopped at about 6 am, which is the same time that Rerun finally had had enough of all the disruptions and decided that he was up.  After getting changed and having a quick bath, Rerun came to watch Sesame Street in the master bedroom while his parents tried to get a little more sleep and Tad crashed out on the couch.  Once Ane (who is still feeling just fine) got off to school, we all went into hibernation mode.  Tad was alert, but wrung-out tired and kept falling asleep for naps.  After waking up at 6, I insisted that Rerun take his nap at 11 am.  Then the Webmaster and I took naps as well.

Ane came home from school feeling just fine, and Tad continued to doze.  We finally managed to get some liquids into him, but he’s going slowly.  Still, he hasn’t vomited since Thursday morning, so we can only hope that that’s all done.

I canceled Tad’s ABA appointment for today, which I didn’t really want to do, but I just know that he won’t be perky enough to make ABA worth it.

And I just want to say how very proud of Tad I am.  He knew that he didn’t have control over what his body was doing, but instead of freaking out and being upset, he just did what he had to do.  We had a plastic basin set up right by his bed, and he kept using it all through the night without having to be reminded.  He was such a trooper, and I’m so proud of him.

Now, if Ane can just stay healthy, and we can get Tad eating normally and Rerun’s diapers under control, we’ll all be much better off.

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