Well, we made it through the weekend, and FINALLY, everyone is healthy enough to start work and school normally this week.

Even Tad.

The poor kid was feeling much perkier on Friday – and then would stop, curl up on the couch, and crash fast asleep for two hours.  He’s slowly been rebuilding his energy and stamina, but he’s still not 100% of what he could be.  Still, he’s healthy enough for school, swimming lessons, and all his regular therapy.  I just know he will be dead on his feet after it’s all done.

Rerun’s digestive troubles – which are always the last thing to clear up – seem to be finally going away after a steady diet of bananas, applesauce, probiotics, yogurt and Goldfish saltine crackers.  He’s been back to his normal self for days now, and is quite completely and thoroughly acting like a… two-year-old.  His birthday is less than six weeks away.

Ane completely avoided this bug, for which I am very thankful.  The bug she does have, though – premature adolescence – shows no signs of abating or being amenable to treatment.

The Webmaster and I are in one piece.  He definitely had the worst of it, but I was feeling pretty rotten at the same time that Tad was so sick.  We’re all better now.

Between snow and sickness, I have had ENOUGH of this out-of-sync schedule!  Can we PLEASE get back to our version of normal around here??!?!?

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