On the Line

Auntie loves Skyping with the kids, but Skype has become very useful to us when we work on her homework together.  I am her editor – I correct all her essays before she turns them in.

(And for those of you who don’t know what “Skype” is, it is an Internet service that allows you to video chat with someone over the computer, if you have a webcam.  We use it all the time, mostly to talk with Auntie, but we keep in touch with Little Cousin and Little Cowgirl that way, too, and the Major says that we can do it with his girls… but the time difference is always a bugaboo.  Anyway.)

We needed to work on a paper last night, but we usually do it after the kids have been tucked into bed.  I had just finished reading to Ane, and was going back into the boys’ room for another good night kiss, but Tad was fast asleep already.  Rerun, however, was waiting up, and as I kissed him, my cell phone rang in my pocket.

I looked down, saw that it was Auntie, and I had an idea.

I opened my phone to answer the call (yes, I still have an “old-fashioned” flip cell phone), and handed it to Rerun.


I could hear Auntie’s tired but delighted voice answer back.

“Dine-door,” Rerun said, looking at his plush T-rex.

“Really?”  Auntie asked.

“Tarwoors.  Tarwoors.  Tarwoors,” Rerun told her, pointing at his Star Wars board books that were still in his crib.

He then handed the phone to me, but after I’d said hi, he wanted it back again.  “Hewwo?  Tarwoors, tarwoors.”

I told him to say bye-bye and give Auntie a kiss.

“Bye-bye,” he said, and then smacked his lips loudly into the phone.

I hung up quickly after telling Auntie I’d call her right back, then I tucked Rerun in and kissed him good-night.

When I got on Skype with Auntie, she smiled and said, “That was the cutest thing ever!  What a little ham!”

Yup, he’s a ham.  A ham with pretty good phone skills.

One Response to “On the Line”

  1. Oddball
    February 9th, 2012 07:47

    Speaking of time zone differences, remember we are heading to same time zone as the Major in a short while.