How the kids reacted

Ane was really the only child who knew and understood that I was going in for surgery.  I think Tad had an idea of it, but I don’t think it bothered him terribly.  It might have if I hadn’t come home that night.

We left at about 10 am for the hospital, and came back home at about 5:15 pm.  When we pulled in, Ane came flying out the front door crying, “Mom!  MOM!”

I was still hanging on to the car door when she reached me.  “Okay, don’t hug me around the middle,” I warned her.  So she clung to my arm as I hugged her head and shoulders.  Then she started to cry.

“Ane, it’s okay!  Look, I’m home and I just need to rest,”  I reassured her.

She really has been a huge help – very eager to please and willing to do more around the house.  She did get to go out on Saturday with her friend Lisa to see a movie (and have lunch, a play date, and dinner before coming home), so it’s not like she was Cinderella during her week off of school.

Tad thought Grandma being at our house every day was a great thing.  By Wednesday, when she walked in the door, he greeted her with, “Grandma!  You’re home!”  Up until then, it was “Grandma!  You’re back!”  He would’ve been thrilled to have her move in with us.

To give Tad a better understanding of what had happened, I showed him my “owies” – the sutured and superglued incisions on my torso.  The biggest one is only 3/4″ wide, about 5 inches above my bellybutton.  Then I have three pokes along my right side, and one in the bellybutton itself.

Tad carefully examined them and then said, “Mama, you have owies!  You need a band-aid.”

Band-aids do make everything better, of course.

Tad keeps wanting to check on my owies to make sure they are healing, which is sweet.  However, he asked to look at them during the service at church yesterday.  His timing is a little strange.

Rerun has not handled the whole “Mommy can’t pick me up” deal well.  I just started again yesterday – mostly because he lunged at me from the Webmaster’s arms and I couldn’t help myself.  I knew that I had the arm strength to lift him, but the concern is my abs and muscles.  They seem fine, though I definitely don’t want to be holding him when he’s having a tantrum or being super wiggly.  I don’t need him kicking an incision.  If I keep him on my left side (which is the hip I normally have him on, anyway), I think it’ll be okay.

He has also become very obsessed with knowing where I am in the house.  He was already, but this exacerbated the issue.  He was standing ten feet away from me next to the dining room table while I was in the kitchen last evening, getting dinner prepped, and saying to the Webmaster, “Mama?  MAMA??”

While the Webmaster tried to point out that he was Daddy, Friend (who with Doc and the boys came over for dinner last night – we got the pizza, they brought the salad) said, “Rerun, your Mama is over there,” and pointed to me.

Rerun’s eyes followed her finger, and he caught sight of me and broke into a huge grin.  “Mama!!”  he cried, running to me and clinging to my leg.

It’s so nice to be loved.

Today the kids go back to school, and we try to get back into our normal routine, minus one gallbladder and plus a few cuts and stitches.  I think we’re going to be fine.

One Response to “How the kids reacted”

  1. Ressis
    February 27th, 2012 16:18

    Little Cowgirl’s response was, “Oh, Auntie De-nanna has a cricket in her tummy?” And when I said, “Well, sort of,” Little Cousin chimed in “She has a LOT of crickets?”