The Dress Conspiracy

As Ane gets older, it gets harder and harder to dress her.

And it’s not because she wants to wear anything unreasonable.  It’s because so many of the clothing stores think she should be wearing something weird or unreasonable.

Fortunately, several stores (Gymboree, Janie and Jack, OshKosh, Lands’ End) do provide modest options for girls, in both dresses and play/school clothes.

However, I keep running into a problem almost everywhere I go.

Why oh why oh why are almost all girls’ dresses right now SLEEVELESS???

Seriously.  I can count on one hand the number of dresses in Ane’s size that even have a small cap sleeve.  And Easter is coming.  It’s not exactly warm weather at Easter, especially around the Pacific Northwest.  We’ll be lucky if it breaks 50 degrees on Easter Sunday.

What do all these sleeveless dresses have, though?

Matching cardigans!  Purchased separately, of course.  I swear it’s a conspiracy to make parents spend even more money on clothes.

Ane has already picked out her Easter dress, though.  She was shopping at the American Girl store, spending some gift cards, when she found this dress for her doll.  And then she saw the matching dress for the girl.  She bought the doll dress, and then decided that she reallyreallyreally wanted the matching dress for herself for Easter.

We struck a deal – she will pay for part of the dress with the rest of her gift cards, and we will cover the balance.

But note to clothing manufacturers – it would be nice to see some sleeves again.  It’s not always sundress weather around here.

One Response to “The Dress Conspiracy”

  1. secha
    February 29th, 2012 08:34

    That’s an adorable dress! Mom use to always make me clothing that matched my dolls clothes. I loved it. =)

    I have the same problem, though – I can’t find work appropriate dresses. They either show way too much clevage, have long sleeves, or are sleeveless. (I hate long sleeve anything.) It’s very frustrating! And, like you said – I can’t believe some of the clothing they put out for kids anymore. I don’t know who would allow their children to dress like that. Ugh.