Finish Line

Just got home from the MRI!  We are done!!!!!!!!!

And then they asked if it would be okay if Rerun had another MRI at age three or four.  They’ll call if they want him.

*sigh*  How can I say no to science?

Anyway, I’m exhausted with the whole day’s work – the getting-Rerun-exhausted part, then coaxing him (and wrapping him like a roll-your-own sushi) to sleep, then watching/listening to the whole MRI process, then getting to see pictures of his brain (I have a whole CD full of the most recent images), and then driving home with a completely zonked toddler.

But this round of assessments is finally over, and the preliminary results say that Rerun is not showing any autistic tendencies or signs.  Which I had already said months and months ago, but it is reassuring to hear professionals agree with me.

So, what’s left?  Well, they’ll do another assessment on him at age 3, but probably not an MRI (though after I talked to the doctor in charge of the study, I’m not certain of anything), and then we should be done.  Current conventional wisdom among the medical community says that all the signs of autism usually exist by age 3, so they are not testing and checking beyond that point as of yet.

And I’m wiped out.  Going to bed now.  We’ll talk more tomorrow.

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