Break’s Over!


We had some nice weather and I tried to keep the kids busy.  Ane even spent two nights in a row away from home.  She spent Thursday night at Lisa’s house, and the giggling girls finally fell asleep after midnight.  When I picked Ane up the next afternoon, she fell asleep on the way home.  Then she spent Friday night at Grandma and Gichan’s house, because Auntie had games to play the next day at her school and Ane was going with Grandma to see her play, and they needed to get an early start.  When I finally collected her on Saturday evening, she was very glad to be sleeping in her own bed!

Tad and Rerun spent a couple of days only bickering with each other, and playing on Saturday with Nana and Papa.  Rerun is very happy to see his siblings off to school again today, so he can have his accustomed play time with their toys.

And this is what happened when he saw me with a camera on Saturday.

The ham is quite cheesy, I think.

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