Dancing with the big kids

On Friday, we went out to Red Robin with Big Jay and Little Mo and their parents to celebrate Little Mo’s birthday yet again.  Then we invited the kids over to play on the Kinect with Ane and Tad.  Ane broke out “Just Dance 3” to begin with, and while Little Mo sat it out, Big Jay had no problems joining in – and once he did, Tad wanted to dance as well.

I was really pleased to see Tad taking an interest in this game, because it does require following movements and trying to be coordinated.  And sometimes Ane’s not super successful at it, either – once, while she was showing off for Auntie, she was so enthusiastic with her dance moves that she accidentally smacked herself in the face with her swinging arms.

Plus, “Just Dance” is a good multi-player game, and up to 4 people can be picked up by the Kinect sensor at a time.  Even though Little Mo didn’t feel like dancing, a fourth person did join in.

Unfortunately, he is too short to be picked up by the sensor.  But that didn’t stop Rerun, who was loving every second of dancing with the big kids.

He might be younger – he might not even be able to talk clearly – but there is no way that Rerun wanted to be left out of the fun.

And after all that fun, and the very short nap he took that afternoon, he fell asleep immediately in his crib when he was put to bed and slept for 12 hours straight, the little dancing fool.

One Response to “Dancing with the big kids”

  1. Aunt Lynda
    April 30th, 2012 06:14

    You’ve brought a chuckle to my morning!