The World’s Greatest Toy

Finally, a toy that saves me labor! ¬†It is… the Bubble Fan Wand!!!

Dip the wand in the bubble liquid, press the button on the wand, the fan starts to blow – and out come bubbles!

And if you have a good bubble solution, then you get lots and lots and LOTS of bubbles!

It’s so much fun making them, that Rerun almost forgot to try and pop them.

His older siblings were fascinated with his new toy, but he can handle it all on his own.

And since he used the last of his birthday gift card from Auntie Ressis and Uncle Oddball to buy it, it really is HIS toy.

Between his Bubble Fan Wand and the cheap large bubble wands and trays that I got out of the dollar bins at Target… I may never have to blow bubbles again!!!

I think we have a fun spring and summer ahead of us!

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  1. Ressis
    May 1st, 2012 07:30

    You’re welcome!