Bruce Wayne

Bruce Wayne is your typical… um… boy who likes to play.  He reads interesting books and dresses well.

But Bruce is always mindful of the clock.

And when the night comes (and before his bedtime), Bruce goes to the, uh, kitchen/Batcave, where his REAL job begins.

He goes from playing boy…

… to Gotham’s defender.

(Once he finishes getting his costume on.)

He is watching you.  He is the Dark Knight.  He is… BATMAN!

At least, he is Batman until bedtime.  Then Bruce Wayne’s mommy tells him to put everything away and get ready for bed, because the school bus comes early in the morning.

One Response to “Bruce Wayne”

  1. Ressis
    May 15th, 2012 08:32

    Um, you do know that Bruce Wayne was an orphan raised by his butler, right? More specifically, his parents were shot. Maybe we can call you “Alfred”?