Alphabet Soup

This was a gift from Auntie that was given to Tad.  We never felt comfortable about letting him use it without scattering the pieces everywhere or trying to eat them.  But I dug this out for Rerun, and he LOVES it.

It keeps him occupied and out of his siblings’ hair.  I brought out all the capital letters (left the lowercase letters and numbers in the bag) and set him up with a complete alphabet.

Rerun is absolutely obsessed with the alphabet.  He loves looking at letters everywhere we go – street signs, labels at the grocery store, in books.  I will be doing laundry, working on cards, typing, reading – and I’ll hear Rerun just screeching out letters.  His new favorite TV show is “Super WHY!”, because of the ABC song and the super letters that pop up.

It’s so much fun to watch him.  And other people are starting to notice/hear his alphabet, too.  I caught him singing the ABC song to himself as he was playing with the magnets.

So, it’s yet another win for Auntie and her super present-buying skills (five years later), total fun for Rerun and a lifesaver for me.  Because when he’s not bothering his siblings… everyone wins!

3 Responses to “Alphabet Soup”

  1. Aunt Lynda
    May 17th, 2012 07:24

    It’s fun to see how each of your children are special in their own way.
    I love the looks on his face. It’s plain to see he loves his letters!

  2. Auntie
    May 17th, 2012 11:46

    I WIN!! I got your kids pegged though! :]

  3. Nana
    May 18th, 2012 06:56

    Cute kid & cute outfit!