For Love Of Cake

We finally managed to have our dear friends Mr. R. and Mrs. K., and their kids Gracie and L., over for dinner this weekend.  Since we only get to see and feed them once or twice every couple of years, we go all out on the food.  So I made a favorite cake for dessert – Mocha Chip Bundt Cake.  It always comes out looking like a giant glazed chocolate doughnut.

(Photo courtesy of the Webmaster’s Android phone)

Mrs. K. adores chocolate cake, and the kids eagerly dug in as well.  Still, between the 9 of us at dinner and dessert (because Rerun would not be denied a small piece as well), and sending a chunk of cake home with them, there was still half a cake left.

No worries, though, because we were heading to dinner at Friend and Doc’s house on Sunday.  Cake is always welcome there.

Rerun has become quite hung up on cake recently.  He does love a good cupcake, as we all know, and he’s going through that phase of not liking cold foods very much.  Even ice cream is too cold for him right now.  He much prefers cookies and cake.  And this song has encouraged the desire for cake.

The cake was very much appreciated at Friend and Doc’s house, and it even got Rupert to eat the meat that he had previously refused, because he wanted some cake.  In fact, he was kind of put out with me when I took the remaining chunk of cake home.  He only reluctantly let me walk out with it because it was, as I pointed out, in my container.

Rerun ate another small slice of cake at Friend and Doc’s and relished every bit.  I was carrying him past the cake container later that evening and he pointed to it, exclaiming, “Cake!  CAKE!”

I hugged him.  “You like Mama’s cake, don’t you?”  I said.

“I like CAKE!”  he answered back.

That might just earn him another piece later.

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