Nap 1, Rerun 0

Ever since I started taking the pacifier away from Rerun at naptime, he has become more demanding.  Once he was content to just be laid down in the crib with the pacifier in his mouth and soothing lullabies playing.  Now, he wants at least two or three books, one of which MUST be an alphabet book, and a Star Wars soundtrack.  And even then, if he doesn’t feel that sleepy, he’ll just sit in the crib and scream.

Yesterday was one of those “sit and scream” days, because he’d had his books, and he had his music, and it was time for me to make the exit.  I tried tucking him in with his train blanket, but he tossed it off in favor of playing with the plush Angry Birds.  But once I actually left the room, the screaming began.

After it ended and all had been quiet for a while, I went in to check on him.  This is what I found.

Rerun had fallen asleep sitting up, and pretty much folded himself in half to lay down.

I think we can safely say that he inherited his mother’s flexibility.

I straightened him out and tucked him in properly, and he slept for over three hours.  Because he really still does need his nap, no matter how loudly he complains.

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