Burning Up

My poor boys.

Rerun came down with a high fever last Wednesday night, which resulted in me taking him to the doctor last Thursday to rule things out when he was still flaming hot the next day.  The doctor ruled out ears, nose, throat and influenza (via a nasal swab).  I got patted on the head (figuratively) and told, “He’s got a virus, let us know if the fever doesn’t break by the weekend.”

(“That will be $98, please.”  Stupid deductible.)

His fever broke by Friday afternoon, and by Friday evening he was pretty much himself again.  Fortunately, it did not mess up his digestive system, so we knew that this wasn’t a stomach bug.

Yesterday morning, Tad woke up miserable and feverish.  I ended up walking to the bus stop to tell his driver that no, he wouldn’t be going to school today.

He’s still at home today.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this will be all over by this evening.  And that Ane can – yet again – dodge the sick bullet.  At least I won’t be worrying whether to take him to the doctor or not.

After all, it’s just a virus.  A virus that made him so tired that he couldn’t even play Angry Birds on the iPad.  THAT’S how sick he was feeling.

And, how is it that the kid who DOESN’T go to school is always the one who brings these fun viruses home to share???

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