It’s June-uary.  I mean, today is Juliet‘s birthday (not that she updates her blog anymore, but whatever, I’ll still link there) and it’s about 15 degrees below normal.  Which I am strangely okay with, because:

1) Living in the Pacific Northwest, I have more winter than summer clothes
2) The kids have more winter than summer clothes
3) The kids are not sweltering in un-air conditioned classrooms for their last few weeks of school, and
4) I can bake!

On that note, and to celebrate the fact that Tad is going back to school today, I baked Cinnamon Sugar Knots.

These are just sweet yeast rolls coated in cinnamon sugar.  The kids got a quick sample last night before bed when the first tray came out of the oven, and they gave the rolls two thumbs up.

However, I discovered a delicious recipe for Cranberry Orange Scones recently, too.

I love these, and so does the Webmaster.  Ane likes them, too, but they aren’t sweet enough for the boys.

As long as the cool weather hangs around, so will the tasty treats coming out of the oven!

And Juliet, if you were here, I would bake you something.  Happy Birthday!

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