The Circle is Now Complete

Just as I was celebrating the fact that Tad was back in school… I get a phone call from the school nurse.

The one at Ane’s school.

Three guesses what she was in the nurse’s office for, and the first two don’t count.

School was an hour from ending, and Rerun was in the middle of his nap.  Fortunately, Grandma was on her way over to baby-sit for me, so I was able to have her take a slight detour, stop at Ane’s school, and pick her up (because Grandma has sign-out authorization).

And she can’t go to school tomorrow, and, being Ane, she’s upset about that.  She wants me to go to school and pick up her math homework so she doesn’t fall behind.

Yup, she’s my kid.

However, she left her reading homework at school and I had her finish it at home.  She was supposed to finish reading Tales of a Fourth-Grade Nothing.  Fortunately, I own a copy of the book.  Mom saves the day!

I’m really hoping that she feels well enough to go back to school Friday.  I can’t take much more of this!!!

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