Two Months To Wait

As of yesterday, Tad has two months until his birthday.  He’s really looking forward to it, as he’s discovered that the only times that you can ask people to give you things are for Christmas and your birthday.  He’s got a list which involves the LEGO catalog, but changes his mind about the theme whenever I ask.  But in the end, I think I’m going to be stuck making a shark cake of some kind.

Speaking of LEGO, the brand-new LEGO store at the mall nearest to us has now opened!!!  I took the kids last week to see the store, which I think is double the size of the only other one in the state.  Tad could not get over the excitement of having a LEGO store right there where we usually shop, and we allowed him to empty his piggy bank to go shopping.

The Webmaster helped him count it up, and he had just enough money to buy the Batman and Catwoman set.  The clerk was very amused as Tad and I slowly counted out seven dollars’ worth of quarters at the cash register.  Sadly, though, Tad’s eye was on a LEGO set he didn’t have enough money for – the Batmobile.  He SO wanted that set, but he did put it down when I told him he didn’t have enough money for it.

Then I told him he could ask for it for his birthday, which got him very excited.

Good thing it’s already sitting in my closet.  I got a great sale at Fred Meyer and picked it up a few months ago.  So I can keep telling him that he can ask for it for his birthday…. wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

But if anyone else wants to know, I can provide a list of the other sets he wants.  🙂

And Ane and Rerun have wish lists, too.

Oh, LEGO… You certainly know how to separate me from my money.  Curse you.

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