Smile, @#$&*%!!!

Our good friends recently pointed out to us that we haven’t had a family picture taken in a while.  And that’s true – the last family picture we did that included all five of us was taken in September 2010.  Rerun’s changed a little since then.

So, I finally got a appointment lined up at our usual photo studio, and I arranged it to be the last appointment of the day yesterday.  However, it was still pretty early, because the studio closes at 5 pm on Sundays and the last appointment is scheduled for 4 pm.  I knew it would be tight, but I thought we could manage.  So, I hustled Rerun off to his nap right after church.  And he didn’t fall asleep.

Not a good sign.

Of course, then he did fall asleep, and we had to wake him up.  He was not happy about being awakened.  But I hoped we could feed him a quick snack and get him happy.  Well, he wouldn’t eat the snack, but he did calm down.

I had talked with Ane and Tad about how I wanted them to smile nicely and behave, and if they did, I was willing to take them to Barnes & Noble and let them each get a new book.  This made Ane happy, but Tad was holding out for a trip to the LEGO store.  When I reminded him that he had no money to spend there, after he used it all to buy his newest set, he told me he just wanted to “play there.”  They do have loose Legos to play with, and the computers.  I told him we would see, IF he behaved.

Well, when we arrived on time for our 4 pm appointment, the photographer told me that they were running 10 minutes behind.  I used to work at this particular studio (before the Webmaster and I were even dating, when I was a poor college student), so I do understand.  And there had been a large family who had just had portraits done, and were still waiting to see their pictures.  Still, we didn’t get started until at least 4:20, and the Webmaster thinks it was closer to 4:30.  By that time, Rerun was in full cranky mode.

He started fussing and crying the second we stepped into the photo studio to actually take pictures.  It didn’t matter that I was holding him – he just wanted to fuss.  He did this during his two-year-old pictures, too, but at least then I was only having to deal with one child, not three.  Ane was perfectly cooperative, but Tad wanted to keep watching “Toy Story,” which was playing in the waiting area.  We had to drag him away from the TV, which set him off.  And then he refused to stand or smile.  I finally coaxed – or threatened him with losing his treat, take your pick – him to stand and smile, but by the time I had Tad on board, Rerun was screaming.

I finally gave up after six shots that took 15 minutes of torture.  Of those six, only one was tolerable, and it was still bad.  After the Webmaster and I stared at it for a few minutes and finally decided that it wasn’t a picture I wanted to look at for at least a year on our wall, I conceded defeat and scheduled another appointment.

Tad went off the deep end when he realized there was no trip to the LEGO store or the book store for him this day.  Ane was huffy because her brothers had spoiled everything when SHE had behaved.  And Rerun was perfectly happy once we left the studio, which irritated me.

We’re going to try again Saturday morning, when people have full stomachs after breakfast and aren’t going through post-nap crankiness.  And we’re trying to convince Grandma to come along to “entertain” Rerun by getting his attention from behind the photographer.

And if that doesn’t work, I might just Photoshop a happy kid – or two – into a new picture.

3 Responses to “Smile, @#$&*%!!!”

  1. Ressis
    June 18th, 2012 05:04

    It wasn’t coaxing or threatening, it was using your God-given leverage.

  2. Catrina @ Because Mommy Said So
    June 18th, 2012 16:55

    Oh wow … I got tired just reading that. You must have been exhausted after that trip.
    Don’t feel so bad if you have to do the photoshop thing. One year, everytime I scheduled family pictures, one of the boys got sick. Every.single.time. Finally, we got there and they all seemed semi-healthy … I thought. My middle son started off gently coughing, and by the end of the session he could barely breathe from coughing so much. We rushed through with picking pictures, because I just wanted to get home and take care of ANOTHER sick kid.
    When we picked up the pictures, I realized that my middle child’s face was bright red and he had sputum on his lips. Yuck!
    So I took the image of him by himself that HAD turned out nice, and photoshopped him in with his brothers. LOL No one ever knew the difference. 🙂

    Good luck next time!!

  3. Handy Mom
    June 20th, 2012 20:13

    See if you can get Crystal to take your photos. We just had her today (a reshoot of our pathetic photo session from December) and she was great. She really engages with the kids! Handy Girl was on the verge of a melt down as usual, but Crystal managed to tempt some decent smiles out of her. She even caught the baby with a small smile at the same time. Whew! Mission accomplished. Family photo soon to be on the wall. We had Holly as our photographer in December and again today when we attempted a second go ’round with just the three kids. She doesn’t seem to care much for her job and does NOT do well with kids. So if you get assigned to her, don’t waste your time, ask for some one else. Good luck..!