New Old Toys

The Webmaster’s college friend and roommate A.S. posted on Facebook recently that he was finally taking his toys out of his mother’s attic, which included a lot of well-loved vintage Star Wars toys.  Some friends had already taken some things – like a majority of the action figures – but there were still some good, large ships and playsets left.

So I told A.S. that we would take them in, and the boys would continue to love them and play with them.

When he walked in with three huge packing boxes, I was stunned.  I didn’t think he had THAT much stuff left.

The Webmaster and I picked out and cleaned up some of the best ones, stored away some others, and will send some things to Goodwill eventually.

The kids were thrilled to find Slave I, a Y-wing ship, and an AT-ST all out for them to play with, along with several action figures.

We have an Imperial shuttle and the Ewok village set in the shed for later.

It’s fun that the kids are getting to play with the same kind of toys that the Webmaster and I played with as kids, and that these have been loved enough that letting them play with them isn’t an issue.  We certainly never worried about our toys being collector’s items, and now the kids don’t have to think about that, either.  And they are having FUN.

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