Summer Begins

It’s the last day of school – which means the kids will spend all of two hours there, and then come home.  Tad will almost spend more time on the bus than he will in class.

Ane has done really well this year.  I can hardly believe that she is now done with second grade.  She’s looking forward to the next school year and wondering who she will have for a teacher.  So far, we’ve done pretty well with her teachers.  Here’s hoping that the next one will be equally as good as the first two!

Tad is going to say good-bye to his school today, which is sad.  His teacher, Mrs. McN, is expecting baby #2 and will be taking a year off, so he would have missed her next year, anyway.  Still, we now begin the transition process from this school to the new one.  I might even drive past the new school today just to point it out to him again.  However, he will be in the old school building all summer long, since he has swimming lessons at the pool, and will be participating in a summer literacy program once a week in the school library.  So, we will be easing him into this transition.

And Rerun is going to have to get used to having his siblings around all the time now.  This won’t be easy for him.  He’s used to having most of Mommy’s attention and all of the toys to himself.

Summer is going to be very short this year, thanks to the snow days.  We really only have one week of June, and July and August.  The kids will start back to school right after Labor Day.

Let the playtime begin!

These pictures were taken at the good-bye party for Lisa and TJ and their family last weekend.  I hope we have good enough weather this summer to keep playing outside!

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