Game Night

The Webmaster and I got some really great tickets to the Mariners’ game on Friday to celebrate his birthday.  How great is really great?

This was the view from our seats.

Row 6!  We had a great view of everything but the strike zone.

I took this picture, holding the camera in front of us.  The Webmaster got a better one with his phone, because we could actually see where we were looking.

Anyway, we had a great view of the team’s warm-up, and it got pretty amusing when the Mariner Moose joined them to warm up.

Yes, he was doing yoga on a mat.  Only in Seattle.

While we were celebrating, the M’s did not oblige.  They lost the game 5-0 (but had won the day before, and they won the next day!  Not fair), but we had a good time anyway.

And the ball girl looked very familiar…

Yes, we bought these seats just to watch Auntie at work.

It impressed everyone around us that the ball girl is my sister.  However, no balls came her way on that side during the second half of the game.  We already promised Ane that we would get good tickets again this season on a night when Auntie is on the field.  Maybe she’ll be lucky enough to have a baseball sent her aunt’s way, and then her aunt can give it to her.  How cool would that be?

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