The kids had been waiting ALL DAY for this.

So we joined our neighbors, and some of their friends, at the end of our cul-de-sac to make things explode and sparkle.

Eventually we moved on to the bigger and noisier stuff.  Tad coped with it pretty well.  Being caught up in all the fun makes him willing to tolerate a lot of noise.

As he told me, “It explodes!”

And I finally remembered to set the camera for night time pictures, so I had the Webmaster snap one of me and the boys.

Rerun wanted to be in my lap, and I was covering his ears for a few of the noisy ones.  But when I took my hands off his ears, he grabbed them and put them back over his ears.  He was a little nervous about the whole thing, but so long as I held him, he was okay.  I finally took him home and got him ready for bed while the older two stayed with the Webmaster and the neighbors to finish up.

Well, plenty of stuff got blown up, and the kids (well, at least Ane and Tad) really enjoyed themselves.  I’m sure Rerun will have more fun next year.  In the meantime, everyone still has all their fingers, so it was a successful celebration!

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