Fine Motor Therapy

Well, that’s what I call it.  He calls it “Play-Doh.”

Yes, that is a shark cookie cutter in his hand.  Ane looked at it and said, “If we washed it off really well, do you think we could make cookies with that?”

I said yes, but we might want something bigger.

In the meantime, he’s happy.  But we had to swap Play-Doh colors – for some reason, both our cans of blue were incredibly sticky and squishy.  Tad spent a lot of time wiping his fingers on a baby wipe to keep them clean.  Maybe we need a little fresher ‘Doh.

One Response to “Fine Motor Therapy”

  1. Aunt Lynda
    July 18th, 2012 05:35

    That’s such a cute smile, with the teeth missing, and you really got the lashes on the last one. I want you to know that your blog is a part of my morning ritual and though I might not leave a reply, I never miss it! It keeps me so in touch with your family. Thank you!!