Flashback Friday

Next Tuesday, if you can believe it, will make it 4 years since Tad broke his left femur.

That was one of the most horrible experiences ever.  Thankfully, the only child with any memory of it is Ane, because it was such a dramatic and traumatic event.  Tad has no memory of it at all.  He will look back on pictures like this, and say things like, “Oh, look, Tad got hurt!  I had a broken leg.”  But he doesn’t remember the pain, the trauma, or the six long, sticky weeks in a Spica cast.  For that, I am grateful.

Right up until the point when I see him balancing precariously on furniture.  Then I think a fleeting memory of a little pain wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

Still, 4 years have passed.

Things have changed quite a bit in 4 years.

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