Number 51

This is a lousy week in Seattle.  First J.P. passes away, and then yesterday afternoon, all of baseball got hit with the surprise trade of Ichiro to the Yankees.

I do understand why he asked for the trade.  But the YANKEES???

Ane, as a huge Ichiro fan, was quite upset.

“How can I like him now, when he’s playing for the Yankees?”  she cried.

All I can console myself with is that after A-Rod left, we had a pennant year and won 116 games.

Maybe we’ll get that lucky again, with a large chunk of the payroll freed up to pursue other prospects.

In the meantime, I’ll start praying that Justin Smoak starts to play better.  That’s Ane’s other favorite player on the M’s, and if he gets traded away, she’ll be absolutely crushed.

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