His Friend the Bride

Our good friends J. and A. got married last Saturday.  J. has been one of Tad’s speech therapists for a while, and has also been doing some private tutoring for us to help transition him from school to summer vacation.

Now that they’ve gotten married, they will be moving away to Colorado.  I’m not totally in favor of this plan, and I don’t think Tad is, either.  He loves J. and will miss working with her.  J. and A. actually like all three of our kids – A. met Rerun when he was a baby and they always got along very well.

Tad insisted on giving the bride a hug and kiss.

Ane and Lina (who was also at the wedding) enjoyed playing together at the reception and dancing together.

The bride and groom are enjoying their honeymoon now, and we wish them the very best.

We also want them to come back and visit us soon!  Tad will be waiting.

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