Late Night Olympics

Ane is REALLY into the Olympics.  She didn’t watch the opening ceremony, because it was on so late and it didn’t interest her.  What interests her are the actual competitions and seeing Team USA win.

So far, her favorite events are swimming and women’s gymnastics.  Probably because those are two sports that she can imagine doing herself.  Though I did catch her yelling and crying over a missed point during the USA vs. Brazil women’s volleyball match. I told her to calm down.

Have I mentioned that she’s taking this very seriously??

The boys couldn’t have less interest in the Olympics – Rerun would love to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse all day long, and Tad would be okay with that, so long as he could watch Batman once Rerun is napping.  So we’ve been allowing Ane to stay up way past her bedtime to watch the prime time replays of the day’s events.  She was annoyed to find out that these were all replays and I could already tell her who had won the men’s team gymnastics event.

Join the annoyed club, kid.

Anyway, she’s enjoying herself and seeing good sportsmanship and teamwork.

And it’s fun to build these memories with her.

One Response to “Late Night Olympics”

  1. Ressis
    July 31st, 2012 05:24

    Little Cousin is also into the Olympics, not to that extent, though. She loves gymnastics the most (with the floor routines being her favorite) and also likes women’s volleyball. What she especially loves is cheering for the USA. She makes up encouraging little cheers for our athletes. Little Cowgirl liked the swimming, she was running round the house doing “air swimming” for a while.