Tad Stats

Tad had his well-child physical yesterday, so here are his most recent stats…

Height: 48 inches (finally up to 4 feet tall!)
Weight: 51.5 pounds (finally broke the 50 pound mark!!)
Hair: fluffy (needs haircut again)
Shots: none (which he was really happy about)

We actually didn’t get to see our regular pediatrician, Dr. N, because I made this appointment late and this is the crazy season at the pediatrician’s office.  Every single kid seems to be in there getting their school sports physicals done, which means that in order to see your regular pediatrician, you really do have to call 3 months ahead, when the books open up.  So we saw Dr. S today, who neither Tad nor I had ever seen.  He was nice enough, but it’s more complicated having Tad see a different pediatrician, because I’m never sure if they actually looked at his chart before they walk in the door.

So I did a quick summary of his current health and his autism diagnosis, and they asked about his therapy and schooling, and did the full physical on him.  Tad’s in good health, average for weight and height after his newest stats (he was just below average last time), and they have no complaints.  And no shots, which made him happy, but he’ll get one when the new flu vaccine becomes available.

Now that he’s been certified as healthy, time to send him back to the cesspool of germs that is school!  Twelve more days!

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