One More Week

School starts in ONE MORE WEEK.


Summer went fast.

And really slowly, too.

I got a phone call yesterday from Tad’s new bus driver, who told me what time he would be getting picked up and dropped off.  He’s getting picked up for school at the SAME TIME as Ane!!!  This has never happened before!  He’s always left much earlier – except for his kindergarten year, when he left in the early afternoon for the afternoon kindergarten class.  I’ve never had them leave the house at the same time.  It will be so strange to have them both out there, together… with two different buses coming for them.

I hope his shows up first, because hers makes lots of stops.

And I’m going to have to put Rerun in a stroller to go to the bus stop.  There’s just no way I’ll be able to hold him down and put Tad on the bus.

This is going to be a truly weird experience.

And happy 2nd birthday to my littlest niece, Bette!  Wish we could enjoy some cake with you today!

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