Build That Batcave!

Between gift cards, birthday cash and Tooth Fairy money, Tad had enough to finally buy the Lego set of his dreams – the new Batcave.

He was literally breathing down my neck, begging me to get it open.  I opened it up and spread out my doom on the kitchen table.

There were 5 bags of parts in this box, and Tad sat at my side, eagerly waiting (and getting downright pushy) for each one to be built.  Fortunately, the contents of the first bag kept him happy for a while.

This build took me (with limited interruptions for lunch and putting Rerun down for his nap) TWO AND A HALF HOURS.

Not that Tad wasn’t happy and grateful.

And thankfully, this is the LAST Batman set that Lego has out right now.  He owns everything else in the current series.  So I am done building for a while.  I hope.  At any rate, Tad is completely broke now, so he can’t even buy anything new to make me build.  Though he might have another loose tooth…

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