Toe Art

Tad has always been genuinely curious about nail polish, but has always balked at having it on his own nails.  That is, until Auntie offered to do some nail art for him on his big toes.

This was the result (after a couple of days’ wear):

Your eyes do not deceive you – that is a shark on one toe and a Bat-Signal on the other.

Tad was thrilled with them and almost refused to take a bath, because he was afraid that his toe art was going to wash off.  I found him straddling the tub, and immediately guessed what was up.  “Tad, get your feet in the tub.  Your toenails aren’t going to wash off.”

“They won’t wash off?”  he asked, curious.  Then he stuck his feet in the water and stared.  “Hey, Mama, they’re not coming off!”

However, this is only something that Auntie can do for him.  Mama doesn’t have all those colors of nail polish – or the patience – to do that kind of paint job.

One Response to “Toe Art”

  1. Aunt Lynda
    August 31st, 2012 05:32

    That is really special!!