Labor Day Before School

Today is the last hurrah before school starts!

Because the Webmaster has the day off, and the kids haven’t seen him much this weekend because he’s been at PAX (the annual Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle) – or, as Ane calls it, “nerd camp,” the plan is to take them to Point Defiance Zoo for some fun.  Ane’s beloved clouded leopard cubs are going to be moved to new zoos in Kansas and Texas later this week to continue with the breeding program, so we will say good-bye to them and hope that there will be new cubs born sometime next year.  And Tad will get to hang out with his friends the sharks and have a little zen with them before school starts.

And Rerun can run around and read letters and wear himself out.

I’m sure there will be pictures, but you’ll have to wait for them.  Tomorrow’s post will be later in the day, and will have the traditional first day of school pictures!

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