Night Game

We had tickets to the Mariners game this last Saturday, courtesy of Auntie.  And due to a confluence of events, we had extra tickets on hand.  Grandma was willing to watch Rerun for us, and we had already planned on taking Ane and Tad.  But we still had extra tickets.  Our regular baseball-watching friends, Friend and Doc, couldn’t go without finding childcare.

So, we took the Brain and Head with us.  It made for an interesting night.  I threatened them both with their lives when we picked them up, in order to get good behavior, and I must say that they obeyed us pretty well.  Ane was glad to have the company, and we had fantastic seats in the view box section of the 300 level.

I snapped a few pictures.  You can tell in this one that only one child is aware that there IS a camera pointed at them.

This one was much better of Ane and Head.

Tad got to watch the game on his own terms – playing Angry Birds on the iPad while wearing headphones to help keep out the ambient sound that he sometimes finds bothersome at games, and yet paying enough attention to cheer for the team.  He wasn’t wearing the headphones yet in this picture.

It was actually a great game, and a little bit of a pitcher’s duel, though we both had plenty of baserunners.  The M’s won the game over the Texas Rangers 1-0, thanks to a home run by Michael Saunders.  It would have been 2-0 if Justin Smoak, Ane’s current favorite player, hadn’t gotten greedy and tried to stretch his single into a double.  He got thrown out at second by a mile.  And it was only the second inning!

As we were leaving, the Brain said to me, “You know, usually when I come to Mariner games, they lose.  But they won tonight!  So that makes this one of the best games I’ve ever seen!”

Thank you, again and again, to Auntie for the great tickets.  Wish you could have been there with us!  Cheers to the best ballgirl aunt on the Mariners ballgirl squad!!  And thank you again to Grandma and Gichan for baby-sitting Rerun, who had much more fun playing at their house than being at the game.

One Response to “Night Game”

  1. Friend
    September 25th, 2012 19:48

    Umm, you shouldn’t have to threaten my boys to behave. They were thrilled to be with you!