Flashback Friday

Well, it’s October, and all the Halloween costumes are either purchased/handed down/on order, so I figured we’d take a look at some Halloweens past on these Fridays this month.

Let us fly backward to 2008… the Star Wars year.

This was right after we had been to Disneyland, and this is probably one of Ane’s favorite costumes ever.  And yes, that is her own hair – ponytails wrapped around mini bagels.

Tad was a Jawa, and was armed with a blaster that Gichan had made for him.  Ane is holding the blaster we picked up in Disneyland, which we’ve never let the kids just “play” with.  It lives in our closet and it still works, strangely enough.

Next week, we’ll move forward to 2009.  Have a great weekend, everyone!

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