Softball in the Sun

Auntie’s team was playing in a fall round-robin tournament at my alma mater this weekend.  Her team played two games on Saturday and two games on Sunday.

Gichan, Ane and I went to the two games on Saturday, and ended up sitting in the sunshine.  It was 70 degrees out and beautiful – how does this happen in October in Seattle?

Auntie played the first game, and pinch ran in the second game.  Her team won the first game, but lost the second.

She wasn’t the only girl to have family in the stands watching, but she was the only one with her own personal cheerleader – who had even made a sign to hold up.

Apparently, some of the other players commented to Auntie that her “little sister” must miss her, because she was cheering for her and calling to her all the time.

Auntie said, “I told them, ‘No, that’s my niece, and the old lady next to her is my oldest sister, her mom.'”

Oh, she’s so kind.

Ane had fun hanging out with her Gichan and eating snacks.  The games got kind of boring for her, and the day got really warm.  But we stopped for milkshakes and burgers afterward at Dick’s, so she was pretty happy with how her day turned out.  The rest of the weekend was beautiful and sunny, too, so it was the perfect weekend for softball.

Go Wildcats!!

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