Laid Back Weekend

Rerun started off our three-day weekend (the kids had Friday off of school) with a fever.  Then Tad came down with it on Saturday.  Ane is still healthy.  Tad is healthy again, so he’s off to school today.

But all the sharing resulted in a pretty quiet weekend for us.

Tad summed it up pretty nicely in one tableau on the table.

“Mom, look.  The Angry Birds and Pigs are playing Xbox!”

And it’s now been one week since Rerun’s accident… the abrasions are healing up nicely.  The cut is definitely going to take more time to heal, and I think I’m going to be rubbing some vitamin E on it to try and keep it from turning into a noticeable scar.  But it is definitely healing and not infected.

Update: And now, as of 5:30 am PDT, Ane is running a fever.  Well, so much for that.  Boo.

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