Flashback Friday

Already??  It’s been a busy week!

And we’ve made it to Halloween 2010, when Rerun took his turn in our traditional first-ish (Tad wore it on his second Halloween because he was only 2 1/2 months old on his first Halloween) Halloween costume – Stitch.

This was apparently our “go for broke” year – as in, “we just had another kid, we’re broke.”  Tad wore his swimsuit and a snorkel and went as one of his role models – Dr. Rocky Strong, great white shark expert.  He carried a bucket full of his (then much cleaner) plush sharks.

Ane had been given a lovely Indian dress outfit by Gracie, and she went as Miss India.

Well, we might have been cheap, but they still ended up with plenty of candy that year.

Happy weekend, everyone!  Stay dry – it’s raining here, and my hay fever is finally subsiding!

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