The Rest of November

Thanksgiving was early this year, and I just can’t make myself get into the Christmas spirit before next Saturday.  The tree has already been purchased (and is keeping cool on the back porch), so it can go up this next weekend.  I am working on Christmas cards – something which I was too sick to work on earlier in the year, so I’m catching up on now – but that doesn’t really feel “Christmassy” to me, since I’ve been known to make cards in July.  I’ve been scoring on a few sales here and there, but I do my Christmas shopping all year round, so, there again, buying gifts doesn’t make it feel like Christmas to me.

And since the Christmas season is also the birthday season in this house (for Ane), I really need these last five days of November for my own sanity’s sake.

The kids are now back in school full-time, after 5 days of half-days (they pretty much came home from school each day after lunch) and a 4 day weekend for Thanksgiving.  Tad has been off of ABA for two weeks, due to his therapist taking a vacation and the center being closed over the holiday, the kids didn’t have swimming lessons this last Thursday for Thanksgiving (obviously), and while Tad did have speech therapy last week, it was with a different therapist because his regular one had gone out of town early on vacation.

I desperately need a week of our regular routine before the Christmas season really kicks in.

The kids need that week of “normal” stuff before a tree goes up in this house.

December 1st will be soon enough for all of that.

They need the next 3 full weeks of school before they have two weeks off.  And I need that time, too.

So.  This week is all about the normal.  Which means that I should empty the dishwasher and do some laundry, right now.  And pay some bills.  And vacuum.  And see if Rerun wants to use the potty.

Because this week, we’re just our normal, non-holiday selves around here.

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