Ane was not a child who needed a special lovey.  She has had several favorite stuffed animals, plus her Dolly…

Ane, age 3 and a half, with Dolly – August 2007

… but she never needed Dolly, or any other stuffed animal or blanket, every night next to her in bed.  From the time she was born, we had offered her several options, but she never became singularly attached to any of them.  Frankly, it surprised me.  Each of my siblings and I had all had a special lovey – I had a blanket, the Major had a pillow, Ressis had a blanket, and Auntie had a blanket and a pillow.

Then Tad came along, and he became very attached to his Bunny, which Great-Grandma had bought for him (and a pink one for Little Cousin, who is just a couple months older) before he was born.

Tad, age 2, with Bunny, post-broken arm in the hospital – August 2007

In fact, Bunny is so important to Tad that he went into surgery with him not once, but twice.

Tad, age almost 3, with Bunny, going into surgery for his broken leg – July 2008

When I couldn’t go with him, Bunny could.  It was strangely comforting for both of us.

Bunny is quite worn and loved (and is fortunately washable), but Tad still sleeps with him.  Though he doesn’t carry him around quite like he used to, we still need to tuck Bunny in with him every night at bedtime.

When Rerun was born, I didn’t know if he would need a lovey or not.  But we bought him Bear (from the same company that made Bunny, Bunnies By The Bay) and made Bear a “gift” from his big brother and sister.

Rerun, 3 months old, and his Bear, June 2010 

While Bear hasn’t become quite as integral to Rerun’s mental health as Bunny is/was to Tad’s (of course, completely different personalities and brain wiring), Bear is the one item Rerun grabs before snuggling down to be tucked in each and every night.

Rerun, a year old, with Bear – March 2011

So, with another baby on the way, the question was – what kind of lovey do we get him?

We’ve really liked the quality of the security blankets from Bunnies By The Bay, but we had to pick a different animal than Bunny or Bear.  The Webmaster really wanted the blanket itself to be blue, so that pretty much narrowed our options down to Skipit the Puppy.  And I think he’s plenty cute, and looks completely different from the other two loveys, so the boys will never get them mixed up.

So when this little guy comes home from the hospital, his big sister and big brothers will be waiting for him… with a special gift just for him that he can make into his very own lovey.

5 Responses to “Lovies”

  1. Ressis
    November 27th, 2012 21:50

    Is it weird that Rerun at three months reminds me of Baby Boy Cousin (who needs a better blog name)? The face shape is different, but I think the eyes and nose are the same.

    FYI: I still sleep with my blanket.

  2. Aunt Lynda
    November 28th, 2012 07:12

    The picture of Rerun clutching his bear, when he is so little, is wonderful!

  3. Webmaster
    November 28th, 2012 08:33

    @Ressis: Deanna still sleeps with her’s, too.

    If Ane is following me that closely personality-wise, that may or may not explain the lovey attachment. I had a stuffed bear, but never grew attached to it.

  4. Auntie
    November 28th, 2012 17:56

    Ummm you got it wrong, my blanket’s name is Blanky! Like in “The Brave Little Toaster!”

  5. Deanna
    November 29th, 2012 15:08

    “Lovey” is a collective term, Auntie, for the security items. I remember your blanket was “Blanky.”